Private Label Program

Product Development

Your collection begins with your idea, it could be in form of sketches you’ve drawn or an actual garment you want copied and modified. The next step is to convert those ideas into draft patterns after which we then proceed to making a prototype that would be used to check the fit of the pattern. Once the pattern is approved, we then proceed to making the sample. With each private label order, you will receive a sample and only after you’ve approved the sample will full production begin. If you would like to choose styles from our catalogue, then there would be no additional charges for pattern development. If you would like to customize or tweak any of our existing styles, you would be charged extra fee for pattern customization. The cost of the sample will be determined after reviewing the pattern and working out how much fabric and time would be required to complete the work.


We are able to make your designs from either knit or woven fabrics. We have access to both local and international fabric suppliers, so we are able to offer a wide selection of fabric for your collection. We would send you fabric swatches before commencing on sample production.


Once the patterns are completed, our experienced sample makers will cut and sew a working sample which on average takes about 2 to 3 weeks. After the sample is made, our quality control team will check the sample for consistency and ensure they are good enough to be shipped to the client.

Custom Labels

We do offer the option of customizing the labels sewn into your private labels garments or you could choose to use the label of one of our brands. There are usually two different labels on each garment, name and content /care label. The content label would have information such as CA number or RN number for export to the US.

Below are Minimum Order Quantities for labels

  • Woven labels: 1000 pieces
  • Size labels: 500 pieces per size (minimum of 4 sizes)
  • Wash care labels: 1000 pieces
  • Hang tags: 1000 pieces

We measure our turnaround time in days and weeks, not months. You will typically receive your sample 14-21 business days after placing your order, and your completed order 4-6 weeks after approving your sample. For larger orders, production can take up to 8-10 weeks.

To begin production we require full payment of the sample prior to its construction. Once the sample is approved, we require a 50% deposit on the complete custom order and the remaining 50% is due on delivery.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

We offer the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry. When placing a private label order, if you are choosing from style in our catalogue, the minimum will be 100 units per style, per colour. If we are to produce your own style then the MOQ will be 200 units per style, per colour.